How to decide haircut on face

How to decide haircut on face You can choose face framing layer haircuts for round faces Wear your hair shoulder length or longer to make this look work better Concentrate on longer to very long styles Avoid having blunt ends near your cheeks as it ads width to your face You can even add side swept bangs to take People with round face should avoid having bob cuts as they the attention away from the roundness of your face frequently emphasize cheeks. Use what you have to the maximum.

Long hair makes the round face look naturally long that the roundness is not that clearly visible and along good haircut for round face is something that is similar to the emo haircuts It will make your face and neck look sleek which is required The offset fringe also helps make the round face look slender Shoulder length bob haircuts are great for round faces with this you can try layers It slims the look of the face by framing it with long layers 
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